About usWho we are

We are Al-Nailoverseas Pvt Ltd Company for Import and Export. We work in all Indian products and export them to all countries of the world. We are considered a foreign company in India because the company is under the management of Mr. Nail from Syria, since 2013 began our journey in this field, exporting Indian products to other countries with the best quality under our sponsorship on production from factories and demand is always according to the customer's desire and best.
Within the confidence of our customers in us, we can always provide the best, in product quality and production.
Al-Nailoverseas Company is managed by Mr. Nail Al Horani.

Our Vision

Leadership and excellence in the field of import and export with building a strategic relationship based on trust and mutual respect with businessmen and women such as (suppliers and importers).

Our Mission

Shortening the links between the main supplier and the customer. This leads us to customer satisfaction, loyalty to our company and absolute confidence in our business.
Providing the best of Indian products and from the best factories directly and under our check and care

Our Goles

Meeting customer needs in India or abroad.
Helping to stimulate commercial traffic between India and various countries of the world.