Solar Panels

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic(PV) panels, are devices that convert light into electricity. A collection of cells makes a Solar PV panel when they spread over a large area to produce enough power for different usage.
The more light hits a cell, the more electricity it produces through arrays of a photovoltaic system to the destined equipment. These Solar PV panels can be used for multiple applications, including remote power systems for cabins, remote sensing, telecommunications, and residential purposes.
Working of Solar Panels
When sunlight hits the Solar PV Panels, it creates an electric field. This electric field generates electricity, and it flows to the edge of the panel through a conductive wire. Then the conductive wire on the Solar PV panel is responsible for directing electricity to the inverter, where it gets converted into Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) to power buildings. The AC electricity through another wire reaches the electric panel on the breaker box, which distributes the current as per requirement. The remaining or unused electricity flows into the utility grid through the utility meter. In principle, the excess power cause meter to run backwards, and the user gets credit for the excess generation.

Tubular Batteries

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The inverter is a device whose function is to convert the DC current coming from the panels or batteries into an alternating current of 380/220/110 AC to operate home appliances or pumps or connect the solar energy system to the national electricity grid.

Building Materials

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